5 Things To Avoid When Going To The Emergency Room

5 Things To Avoid When Going To The Emergency Room

Countless people in the Pensacola area have to go to the emergency room every day. While this may seem like the worse thing in the world, there are a few mistakes that can make the experience worse than one can imagine. Here are some errors you should avoid when heading to the hospital.

Leaving Your Insurance Card At Home

Depending on the insurance you have, it may be possible for the hospital you visit to look you up in the system. With that said, this is not something you should depend on. To be on the safe side, always bring your card with you.

Going Alone

If possible, you should try bringing along a friend or family member. Depending on what is wrong with you, it is possible you will not be in any condition to speak much or go home on your own if you are not admitted.

Being Dishonest With Providers

Medical professionals have seen a little of everything, so there is no reason to be dishonest when you are speaking with them. For instance, if you are sick because you have taken a controlled substance, this is something they will need to know in order to offer you the most effective treatment.

While there is a chance that some of the things you mention may require the proper authorities to be contacted, you should still take your well being into account. This means that rising trouble is fine if it means saving your life.

Going To The Wrong Hospital

Some hospitals are better at some specialties than others are. For this reason, you need to give it a little thought when you are trying to decide where to go. For instance, if you have been burned in some type of accident, it would not make sense to head to a place that specializes in women’s health. In some cases, people go to the nearest facility without thinking and that is not always a wise idea.

Being Impatient

It can be frustrating to watch as people who came in after you are called in while you remain sitting in the waiting room. This happens because patients are typically called in order of the severity of their complaints. For example, someone who has a gunshot wound would be treated before someone who is exhibiting symptoms of exposure to poison ivy. Be patient. They will call you as soon as possible.

Going to the ER is never a pleasant experience. Even so, following this advice will make it more tolerable than not.


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