Four Major Attractions That You Can Enjoy in Pensacola FL

Four Major Attractions That You Can Enjoy in Pensacola FL

It is time to have one grand vacation in Pensacola FL. You have been shown quite a few restaurants to visit while in the city. Now it is time to look at some fun things to do. If you have been to Florida before, you know that some of the nation’s best beaches await you. You are about to find out what else awaits you as you read about four of Pensacola’s top places of interest.

Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park is on Gulf Beach Highway, and it is said to be a great outdoor walk among nature. It is a mile hike unless you want to do the longer one. Reviewers talk about taking their kids and everyone having a great time. Have you heard of pitcher plants? These plants eat insects, and you will see two of them on your hike. Now that sounds pretty neat.

Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum is on Radford Boulevard, and it is said to have been featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters. That makes a trip to this lighthouse even more mysterious. If you have ever wanted to climb up in a lighthouse, this is your chance. It is a nice area, beautiful, and many people say that it’s a fun climb.

Downtown Pensacola FL is small but features plenty of historical buildings, art galleries and is a fun place to be. Night or day, it is going to be a lot of fun walking downtown Pensacola. This is where Palafox Street is located, and you will find plenty to do there. There are also special events hosted downtown at times, too.

Do you like room escape games? There are four of them to choose from in Pensacola, and they have good ratings. There is Escape Zone 60 and Escape Zone Palafox for starters. Then there is Exithis Pensacola and Cryptic Rooms. Each of these is a separate facility, and these facilities often feature more than one room escape game.

You will find much more to do in Pensacola than what has been mentioned here. These top things to do give you a good look at what’s available though. Those room escape games sound fun, and you are certainly going to find a lot of cool places like the state park in Pensacola. Don’t forget to stop by the lighthouse, too, because that sounds like quite a fun adventure if I do say so myself.


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